Events are for the creation of memories and experiences of a lifetime and JOY

JOY. Sometimes in event planning the word “joy” disappears and stress takes its place. The principles planning the event get so tied up in the stresses of details that they forget the original purpose of the event. I have had friends tell me they forgot to eat!!! Imagine that? Hiring a caterer and having to go out to a fast food restaurant or order in take-out after a party!

This is why hiring a Professional Event Planner such as myself, Barbara Chinsky Cohen is the perfect solution to a memorable, seamless, stress-free event.

Years of experience. Attention to detail, Anticipating every occurrence are just a few of the skills I bring with me, along with a very large “Rolodex” (today in my cell phone) and a very beautiful and well used and maintained smile :). One I use often and generously.

As I see it, a life events are celebrations of LOVE. For your special times, it would be my privilege to serve you, your friends and family.

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