Falling back into Fall

The Fall is moving along and now that we have pushed the clocks back and the days are shorter and we are headed towards Thanksgiving and shorter days we know winter and the Christmas and Chanukah and Kwaanza holidays are not far behind.  Time to bundle up and enjoy family and friends and the time for giving and sharing and appreciating all we have.  I know I do!fall round

Speaking November 13 at Haverstraw King’s Daughter Library

  • The holidays are right around the corner. Barbara Chinsky Cohen Floral Designer and Educator will show you how to take a simple selection of flowers and some items found in most of our yards and turn them into fabulous holiday table floral arrangements and gifts. Bring a note pad and your curiosity and join Ms. Cohen for a mind opening class that will be exploring the fun you can have with flowers to decorate your home and impress your friends and family in this and future seasons to come.

    Library: Haverstraw King’s Daughters Public Library
    Location: Community Room – 301  Class starts at 7 PM and lasts until 8:30barbara arranging

The First Snow of the Season

It is the beginning of November and here in Metro New York City we have had our first snow fall.  Time to take out the shovel, put on the mittens and scarf and clean off the car.  Snow can make it so we spend more time in our homes and specifically in our kitchens as many cook instead of going out to eat.  Why not add a small vase of flowers to the center of the table?  It will be there for the week and make getting through the storm and add comfort and beauty to your life and home.

Using a mason jar or canning jar, a mix of blooms brightens the day. 

snow in congers

The Elections are Over

November 6 has passed and the United States has elected its President and officials.  Usually, politics and religion are off limits in my posts but I will tread lightly today. Although as Americans we will always have differences, I am appreciative this country affords me the LIBERTY to express my opinions and one of the places I do so is in this Blog.

I have a vision that America would be a more enjoyable, beautiful and agreeable place if we give and get and enjoy more flowers in our lives.red white and blue cake

All flowers are beautiful

I hear it all the time, No Carnations, No Mums.  ALL flowers can be beautiful and when used properly in wedding and bridal work they can assist in keeping costs down and adding beauty.  Just because carnations and mums are not on the high end of the price scale among flowers does not mean they do not have beauty and are not valuable.  In my design book, “PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING” with a Capital “E”.

One dozen carnations arranged in a 4x4 cube.  One of my fave and least expensive for everyday.

One dozen carnations arranged in a 4×4 cube. One of my fave and least expensive for everyday.

Floral Wholesale and Events

Starting originally as a floral wholesaler, then transforming into a Party Decorator/Florist I maintain my buying contacts. This affords me a vast knowledge of source and quality of flowers. Being a floral design educator, Adjunct Professor at College level, give me experience in breaking down complex concepts and having clients understand and participate in the planning process as much or as little as they desire. This is a combination I know few other party and event florists have making the event design process smooth and seamless.